Half of MPEG-2 Patents Expire in 2012

MPEG-2 Patents

The patents on substantial technologies of MPEG-2 will soon expire.

More precisely, 50% of the MPEG-2 patent pool (134 US patents, including the 27 original 1996 MPEG-2 IPR Working Group’s patents) will expire by October 16, 2012.  The remainder dribble out for several years through various patent life-extension techniques (continuations, divisions, and patent term adjustments).

I prepared these materials to assist MPEG’s consideration of a royalty-free MPEG standard.  Presentation MPEG-2 Patents, spreadsheet MPEG-2 Patents List (also in MPEG-2-Patents-List xls format).  Also a presentation on MPEG-2 Systems Patents.

Special acknowledgement to Josh Cogliati’s insightful work at OS News.  But all errors here are my own, corrections are welcome, and standard provisos are in the presentations.

Some slide excerpts below.







5 responses to “Half of MPEG-2 Patents Expire in 2012”

  1. Joshua Cogliati Avatar
    Joshua Cogliati

    I started updating the osnews article at http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Draft_Update_on_Patent_Status It should have fewer errors this time.

  2. You think perhaps you could list the patent expiration dates for the items in 2012 in plain text?

  3. Rob Glidden Avatar
    Rob Glidden


    The full spreadsheet is in the link in the post under “spreadsheet MPEG-2 Patents List”. You should be able to extract into multiple formats.


  4. I don’t have an Excel version that allows me to read xlsx, just the original xls. Which is why I asked for plaintext.

    1. Rob Glidden Avatar
      Rob Glidden

      I added a link in post under “also in MPEG-2-Patents-List xls format”.